Fast and Convenient

At your home or office, our licensed phlebotomists will arrive as scheduled and draw your blood in a fast, convenient and professional manner.


Our staff are all certified and insured phlebotomists who have preformed thousands of blood draws.


We pride ourselves in being extremely affordable. Our service is a self pay service not covered by insurance. Please call for pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply call your doctor and let them know you have already been seen by EZLabz. Once that is done they will call the lab your lab work was sent to and request the results.
Online: Credit Card - American Express, MasterCard and Visa
Monday - Friday: 7:00am to 12:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 11:00am


Happy patients stories

EZLabz made getting my lab work done a pleasure. Never again do I have to drive to a lab to get my lab work done. Whether it’s for myself, my mother or my kids EZLabz saves me hours of frustration

Carol W.

I need EZLabz it saves me 2 hours every two months. That’s significant.

Harley J.

The fact that they come to your home or office is a game changer. Nobody likes sitting in waiting rooms.

George Z.

At 6:30am I wake and they’re here. By 6:45 I’m having a cup of coffee and oatmeal. I’m a big fan of EZLabz.

David P.

My children, my parents and I all use EZLabz now when it’s time to get our lab work done. It saves us so much time and makes the whole experience of having lab work done much more enjoyable.

Wendy H.

EZLabz, LLC.


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